Rockit Burger

Though I’ve been home from Chicago for a few weeks, I still have a few Chicago-related posts to catch up on. First among them is Rockit Burger, which I visited twice this summer (though at different locations). As you may have guessed, Rockit’s specialty is its burgers, and that’s what I had each time I … More Rockit Burger

Mercat a la Planxa

I have been to Mercat a la Planxa, a tapas restaurant in downtown Chicago, twice – once a few years back, and once a few weeks ago. The first time I remember liking the restaurant, but this time around, I loved the restaurant. It’s possible that part of this was due to heat-induced delirium; we … More Mercat a la Planxa

Recent Lunch Eats: Wildberry, 25 Degrees, and Grahamwich (Part Deux)

Along the same lines as my Recent Breakfast Eats post, here are a couple recent(ish) lunches of note: Wildberry: If I worked downtown, I would probably go to Wildberry a lot – it’s a great spot for a quick but tasty workday lunch. I’ve gone a couple times and the food has always been good … More Recent Lunch Eats: Wildberry, 25 Degrees, and Grahamwich (Part Deux)

Waffles Chicago

I will be honest: I jotted down the above quotation over a year ago, back when that episode of Parks & Rec first aired, and have basically been waiting for an occasion to use it ever since. Well, I have found such an occasion: a trip to Waffles Chicago. My breakfast there involved waffles and … More Waffles Chicago