How do I apply for a visa to Azerbaijan?

How much is Azerbaijan visa fee?

The visa cost for Azerbaijan e-Visa is USD 25.00. Additionally, there is a service fee of USD 20.00 which includes standard processing. For rush processing and super rush processing the service fee is USD 50.00 and USD 80.00, respectively.

How can I apply Azerbaijan visa online?

Applying for an Azerbaijan electronic visa is fast and straightforward. Eligible citizens are required to complete a simple online application form with personal and passport information, select the purpose of their visit, answer a few simple health and security-related questions, and pay the e-Visa fee.

Is Azerbaijan issuing visa now?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the issuance of electronic visas and visas on arrival was suspended. According to the last circumstance, the lock-down extended till 28 December 2020.

How can I get visa for Baku?

To apply for a visa to Azerbaijan, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Application Form (click for more) When you apply for a visa you will be required to complete the application form on this website.
  2. One Photograph (click for more) …
  3. Valid Original Passport (click for more)

Is it easy to get job in Azerbaijan?

Working in Azerbaijan is not difficult, if you don’t have a job you can find plenty on them in online job portals and, depending of your working situation, you will have to pay certain amount of taxes.

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How do I get a visa for Armenia?

The eVisa may be obtained through the simple Armenia visa online application, which only takes a few minutes to complete. Applicants are required to fill in the Armenia visa form with basic passport, personal, and travel information, and to pay the Armenia visa fees before they can submit the application.

Is a transit visa required for Azerbaijan?

No transit visa is needed for onward travel within 24 hours of arrival in Azerbaijan, provided you remain in the airport.

How do I get Azerbaijan nationality?

Getting Azerbaijani nationality is possible under naturalization as specified by the Law on Citizenship. For that, 5 years of continuous permanent residence, legal source of income, undertaking to abide by the Constitution and laws of Azerbaijan, and knowledge of Azerbaijani language is required.

Can I visit Armenia after Azerbaijan?

Yes, you can come to Armenia with a stamp from Azerbaijan.