How many tourists visit Columbia?

How many tourists go to Colombia?

All data for Colombia in detail

Year Numberof tourists Receipts
2019 4.53 m 6.79 bn $
2018 4.40 m 6.62 bn $
2017 4.06 m 5.88 bn $
2016 3.68 m 5.58 bn $

Why do tourists visit Colombia?

Colombia is one of the world’s most diverse countries with two oceans, a range of climates, energetic cities, astonishing wildlife and things to do including kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, surfing, diving, dancing and more.

How many tourists visit Bogota?

That year, nearly 4.8 million visitors entered the country’s capital by bus, while approximately 4.1 million people were were registered as traveling to the city by car.

Number of tourists in Bogotá, Colombia in 2019, by point of entry (in millions)

Characteristic Number of tourists in millions

How many people visit Bogota?

In 2019, around 10.56 million Colombians visited their country’s capital, which represents a slight decrease in relation to the previous year. On the contrary, the flood of international tourists in Bogotá that year went up, reaching 1.9 million – the highest figure since 2015.

Is Colombia open to tourists?

Limited international flights have resumed to eight of Colombia’s busiest airports: Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin (Rionegro), Cali, Barranquilla, Armenia, Pereira, and Bucaramanga. Colombia re-opened most land and water borders for travel on May 19; the borders with Panama and Ecuador remain closed.

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Is Colombia safe for tourists?

Is Colombia safe for travelers? … The short answer from us is yes, it is safe to travel to Colombia – as long as you keep your wits about you and stay away from known dangerous areas, this is one of the most incredible destinations in South America.

What is the capital of Colombia?