What does CDW stand for in tourism?

What does CDW stand for database?

What Does Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) Mean? A corporate data warehouse is a specific type of data warehouse that provides a central repository for data.

What includes CDW?

The CDW covers damage from theft, vandalism, and traffic accidents, but rarely covers bodily injury liability caused by a traffic accident, per SmartTravel. It’s important to remember that a CDW only covers the damage to your rental vehicle.

What countries does CDW operate in?

CDW is in your neighborhood. We are a leading provider of technology solutions and services across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and have continued to expand across the globe.

What is a CDW data warehouse?

Description. The Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) is an environment for storage and retrieval of corporate systems data, both current and historical. The goal of the CDW is to provide easy access to integrated, accurate, and timely information through interfaces that facilitate querying and reporting by end users.

Where is CDW corporate headquarters?

What is meant by corporate data?

Corporate Data means any and all data maintained by any of the Companies including, but not limited to, data related to its finances, Taxes, Employees, customers, suppliers and the Business.

What is CDW and TP insurance?

CDW is Collision Damage Waiver. This covers damage to the vehicle you are renting if damaged. TP is Theft Protection: This covers if the vehicle you are renting if stolen. LI – Liability. This protects you for damage to other cars and/or people.

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How much does CDW cost in Ireland?

Optional Insurance Coverage for Driving in Ireland

Most suppliers offer a Super CDW policy, which reduces your deductible to $0, and can be purchased for a daily fee (typically between €12 and €28 a day, depending on the vehicle).

What is Ali coverage?

It’s called additional liability insurance (ALI). ALI insures all authorized drivers if they injure someone or damage someone else’s car while driving the rental car. This can be vital coverage for drivers who do not own a car or a car insurance policy.