What is the difference between campus tour and open house?

What happens on a campus tour?

Typically, campus tours last about an hour and include the library, an academic building, the student center, a dining hall, and a dorm room. But the visit isn’t only about seeing the sights. It’s also about seeing how you relate to the campus and the students, and if you feel like you’d fit in.

Should I go to a college open house?

An open house should be viewed as an introduction to the college. It need not be the first or last time you visit a college. It provides an overview of the admissions process, academic/student life, and the campus.

What is Open House?

In real estate, an open house is a scheduled time when a house or other dwelling is designated to be available for viewing by potential buyers. … The term open house can also refer to the real estate property itself; in either case, it applies to dwellings that are for sale by the owner.

What happens at college open house?

A college open house is an event where visitors are allowed access to a campus in order to learn more about it. Open houses, like campus tours, provide students with a unique opportunity to get information so they can decide whether or not to apply to the school.

Can you visit a college without a tour?

Visiting the college’s admissions website or calling them to ask questions will answer some of the above questions. Many colleges don’t require you to register for a tour or reserve a seat at an infosession, but you’ll still need to confirm when and how often these infosessions and tours occur.

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Are colleges open for tours?

But with the coronavirus pandemic continuing, there are not in-person tours. … Colleges say that students want to visit their campuses and they are filling up the tours (although the capacity limits are lower than pre-COVID-19 tours). To be sure, most college are not restoring tours, concerned about student safety.

Why do you want to attend open house?

Open houses can help you understand what features are available at different price ranges. There’s no pressure, just a casual walk through the house. You can see a number of homes in neighborhoods that interest you. Compare your initial expectations of what you want in a house with what is available at that price.