Which country citizens visit India most?

Which country visits India the most?

Top 15 Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India by Countries

  • Bangladesh – 1,380,409. Bangladesh shares the land borders with India and covered by the Ganges Delta and Sundarbans. …
  • United States – 1,296,939. …
  • United Kingdom – 941,883. …
  • Russia. …
  • Canada – 317,239. …
  • Australia – 393,625. …
  • Malaysia – 301,961. …
  • Germany – 295,928.

How many US citizens visit India each year?

Over 1.3 million Americans visited India in 2016 and arrivals from the US grew 27 per cent over the last four years.

US tourist arrivals to India surge 27% in four years despite advisories.

Tourist arrivals from US
Year Arrivals
2016 1.31
Figures in mn; Source: Tourism Ministry

What is the most visited city in India?

Delhi, Mumbai and Agra are the top three Indian cities popular with global tourists. Delhi is expected to become the 8th most popular city with international visitors in 2019.

Which is the most visited state in India?

In 2020, the state with the highest domestic tourists was Tamil Nadu, with over 140 million tourist visits. Overall, the country accounted for over 610 million domestic tourism visits that same year.

Which city in India has the most foreigners?

In 2014, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh were the most popular states for tourists. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Agra and Jaipur were the five most visited cities of India by foreign tourists during the year 2015.

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Which country does not have any Indian?

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