You asked: How do you get accredited by the Department of Tourism?

How do you get an accreditation from the Department of Tourism?

Tourism enterprises can now apply online for accreditation with the tourism agency via its new portal

What is tourism department accreditation?

What is DOT Accreditation? It is a Cerification issued by the Department of Tourism (DOT) to a tourism enterprise that officially recognizes it as having complied with the minimum standards for the operation of tourism facilities and services.

What are the requirements to be accredited as tour operators?

How To Become Certified: Key Stages

  • Register and/or Contract with a Certification Body. The Certification Body may require tour operators to officially register, fill out an application and pay a one-time fee. …
  • Submit Application/Documentary Evidence to the Certification Body. …
  • Onsite Audit. …
  • Certification issued.

What are the requirements for accreditation of travel agency and tour operators by the Department of Tourism?

nationals, valid working permit from DOLE and valid visa from Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, etc.) Proof of attendance to a Homestay Training conducted by DOT or any DOT recognized or accredited training center. Proof of working capital of P500,000.00.

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What is the important of accreditation on Department of tourism?

The accreditation helps the DOT monitor each travel and tourism establishment in complying with the standards set for the industry. At the same time, this protects the consumers from unreliable or even fly-by-night operations and poor service.

What are the documents needed for the application for accreditation?

All the required documents need to be approved before an applicant government agency is accredited as a GovRA.

  • Passport.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID.
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance.
  • Police Clearance.
  • Postal ID.
  • Voter’s ID.
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card.

What does the accreditation process include?

Accreditation is a review process to determine if educational programs meet defined standards of quality. … The process of academic accreditation typically culminates in an external quality review by a team of professional experts from academe or industry.

How much is the DOT accreditation?

As per a fare matrix provided by the DOT, accreditation fees for PTEs can range anywhere from P500 (basic, Mabuhay) to P8,500 (5-star hotel) for accommodations; from P200 per unit (tourist car) to P1,400 per unit for ships and planes, for travel and tour services; from P5,000 (regular accreditation) to P7,500 (premium/ …

How do I get a dot certificate of authority?

Apply Via Email[edit]

Email your local DOT-Regional office and ask for a Letter of Intent Template and Sworn Statement of Undertaking. The Accreditation Officer will email you the forms with instructions on how to complete and submit the completed forms.

What is tourism license?

Tourism license for inbound tour operator

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This license allows license-holders to organize inbound tourist trips for visitors. This license also allows the operator to organize global conferences and exhibitions.

What degree do you need to be a tour guide?

Companies that specialise in ecotourism or nature-based tourism may require tour guides to hold a diploma or degree in science, ecotourism or a similar subject. First aid qualifications are generally required by employers. Age limits may also apply.